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who we are

our mission

Our mission is to empower students and teachers in Title 1 schools through various programs to support relationships, resources, and opportunities.

our partner schools

James M. Brown Elementary (Walhalla, SC)

Westminster Elementary (Westminster, SC)

Orchard Park Elementary (Westminster, SC)

helpful definitions

Title 1 School


A Title 1 school is a federally funded school that is eligible for funds if 40% or more of the student population is on free or reduced lunch.

Poverty Line

A family of two adults and two children fall under the poverty line if their annual income is at or below $23,500.

Free/Reduced Lunch

Students are eligible for free and reduced lunch if their household annual income is at or below 130% of the federal poverty line.

what we believe

Every life matters.

We will always see the individual and will never overlook the importance of impacting one to impact many.

Relationships change lives.

We believe that relationships, not programs or events will change lives.

We create with, not for.

We are dedicated to asking what the needs are and working with our schools to create impactful solutions.

We will serve while we lead.

It’s simple. We will lead the way in serving.

We will work to understand the culture of poverty.

We will work to understand and to change our preconceived notions of poverty.

We will advocate for all students and teachers.

We will advocate for high quality education, maximum support, and enriching opportunities for all students and teachers; we will not settle for any form of inequality.

We will appreciate before we celebrate.

We know that our impact is not found in the sacrifice of one but in the sacrifices of many, because of that, we will appreciate all who make our impact possible first; then we will celebrate!

We inspire hope.

We believe hope can see the soul through any adversity and hardship. We are committed to believing in and inspiring hope.

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