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One-on-one mentoring

One-on-One mentoring pairs a Clemson Hope volunteer with a student selected by one of our partner schools as a candidate for individual mentoring. Mentors collaborate with the student's teacher to design activities for their individual student's specific needs. This weekly mentoring time typically consists of homework help, tutoring, games, questions, or crafts. Many students are thrilled to simply have a new friend to spend time with and feel comfortable enough to talk to.


recreational mentoring

Recreational mentoring matches a Clemson Hope volunteer with an entire class at one of our partner schools. These mentors spend time with the students in their assigned class once a week during their lunch and recess time - the perfect time to form relationships, interact with, and encourage students.

School Children

write for hope

This pen-pal style program pairs a Clemson Hope volunteer with an individual student or entire classroom at one of our partner schools. Volunteers receive a writing prompt from our team every other week designed to bring encouragement to students, grow their creativity, or offer them advice. Students respond back to the prompt, giving them a chance to practice their reading and writing skills. At the end of each semester, we host "Meet Your Paw Pal" days at our partner schools where volunteers and students get to meet one another.



This mentoring program was created to meet the unique needs of ESL students in our partner schools. Mentors do NOT have to
be fluent in Spanish by any means, and any level of Spanish knowledge is welcomed. In fact, we have found that students are further empowered when they are able to help their mentor improve their own Spanish. This is a wonderful chance to practice your Spanish in a comfortable setting by giving your student the chance to teach you about their language and culture. Every week, Spanish mentors spend 30 minutes with students inside their classroom in addition to 30 minutes of individual or two-on-one mentoring.

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